7 of the Most Dangerous Airlines in the World

7 of the Most Dangerous Airlines in the World


While it’s a pretty difficult thing to measure, it’s quite obvious that some airlines are more dangerous than others. Whether it be because of the amount of plane crashes that the airline has experienced, or whatever other incidents have involved it, there are some airlines that are probably just best to avoid if you have the choice. Below are 7 of the most dangerous airlines in the world:

Garuda Airlines

Until recently, Garuda Airlines, hailing from Indonesia, was so bad that in 2007 it was even prohibited from flying to EU countries. However, a few years later, the ban was lifted, and now Garuda successfully flies to Amsterdam. as well as many Asian cities. Furthermore, earlier this year the company was awarded the title of “most significant breakthrough in quality.” Still, statistics don’t lie, and four air crashes that have occurred since the company was established, killed 431 people.


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