10 Things To Do In Africa

10 Things To Do In Africa


Africa is a large country, packed with a variety of activities to participate in, adventures to be had, sights to see, and delicious and exotic foods to try. But, because the list of options is truly endless, and completely dependent on where in Africa you’re traveling, we’ve decided to make it easier for you to decide. Below is a list of 10 things you have to do in Africa:

Attend a Local Festival

There are thousands of different ethnic groups in Africa, and due to the cultural diversity, during your stay, you should make an effort to attend at least one festival. The types of festivals vary- from religious festivals, rites of passage, and local harvests- just to name a few.


There will surely be lots of food and drink at each one, and lots of local music playing as well. While it may be challenging to know what’s going on as a tourist, it’d be in your best interest to ask some of the locals what’s going on in the area, or shoot for a big festival or cultural event that the public can enjoy.

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