5 Technologies From Science Fiction That Exist Today

5 Technologies From Science Fiction That Exist Today


It’s almost mind-boggling to think about how rapidly technology is evolving, and and therefore impacting our day-to-day lives. From smartphones, to new applications, to electronic accessories/jewelry, it’s no enigma that that we are moving into the “technological climax” of history. You probably remember watching tons of Star Trek, among other Sci-Fi movies, recognizing some featured items in it referred to as “futuristic”, when in fact, some of them are quite realistic. Here are 5 technologies from science fiction that exist today (and no, they aren’t from Star Trek):

Minority Report- Heads-Up Display→ Air Touch Technology

Roughly based on Philip K. Dick’s novel from 1958, Minority Report, a Taiwanese technology company has created a virtual touch-screen keyboard for computer or mobile use, called iAT (i-air touch), through special glasses, that can be activated when the wearer puts them on.


The user is the only one who is able to see the screen and keyboard, so privacy is guaranteed. The iAT was initially created to conserve energy, which it definitely does, but one of the future plans that have been made for it involve the medical field, such as use for endoscopic surgery.

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