8 Ways To Make Money Without A Job

8 Ways To Make Money Without A Job


Jobs have been the standard way to make money for centuries. Your parents pressured you to go to school and earn a degree so you could find a great job and earn a living. Things are changing and predictions are that jobs are becoming less important as sources of income, primarily because technology both threatens many jobs and offers to tools to earn money without a formal job. Here are 8 ways you can make money without a job. Which one is for you?

Street Performer

Are you an artistic type? Can you hold a tune, paint quirky caricatures or stand still for a long time wearing only pastel body paints? Then perhaps earning a living as a street performer is the life for you. Your earnings will vary (you could earn up to $40 for a few hours’ work on a bad day, up to $70 on a good day) based on weather, your talent and location but you won’t be sitting behind a desk. Also, a number of famous performers spent time as street performers, including Bruce Springsteen, Rod Stewart and Bon Jovi.


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