8 Reasons Why It’s OK To Be Single In Your 30’s

8 Reasons Why It’s OK To Be Single In Your 30’s


If you have hit the big 3-0 and you’re single there are two ways to react. Or cry because you’re alone and all of your friends are having babies, or you can stand with your head high and go party till the sun comes up. Now which one sounds more fun?

The following list will make you feel great about being single in your 30’s and remind you that life has not stopped, it only gets better.

You Can Travel Anywhere

Most of your coupled friends are probably planning their trips to Corfu or Malta. They are probably going to stay in an all-inclusive hotel, eat all they want and come back complaining they put on weight. They do this because it’s the safe option and they probably have kids.


By being single in your 30s means that you can go out and have the most amazing adventurous holiday and come back with stories to make everyone wish they were you. Try heading out to the deserts of Mongolia or the jungles of the Amazon. Single life brings you freedom.

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