7 Celebrities You Didn’t Know Were South African

7 Celebrities You Didn’t Know Were South African


While commonly referred to as the ‘Rainbow Nation’, South Africa boasts its historical attempt post-apartheid, at implementing and encouraging multiculturalism to a region that was once very segregated. In addition to the animals that run free in the game reserves of the country, some of your favorite celebrities also managed to run free out of South Africa- and into the book you’re reading, music you’re listening to, or movie you’re watching.

J.R.R. Tolkien

Author of the “Lord of The Rings” trilogy, Tolkien generally identifies as a British author. And he’s not just any author, as his books became so successful, that the fictional languages he created in his books were learned, and fan clubs were formed. He was also a linguist, and studied Anglo-Saxon and Germanic languages at Exeter College in England. What most don’t know about Tolkien, is that his first three years of life took place on South African Soil. J.R.R.




Tolkien was born in Bloemfontein (in what is known as the Free State province), and his father was a farmer there. When he was three years old, his family relocated to England, and shortly after, his father died of rheumatic fever. His father’s grave is in Bloemfontein, and Tolkien claims that the country itself has influenced his writing.

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