11 Misconceptions About Psychology

11 Misconceptions About Psychology


The realm of psychology is an interesting one, and its most common use is to help us understand one another, especially in pop culture. However, what pop culture tends to do is distort the meaning of major concepts, psychology included.

So, whether you’re a student of psychology, or simply a psychology aficionado, here are 11 misconceptions about psychology:

Lie Detectors

Otherwise known as polygraph tests, these tests are supposed to indicate whether or not the person being tested, is lying. The person taking the test is asked a series of questions, and a corresponding test keeping track of the person’s breathing and heart rate.

This test is supposed to conclude whether or not the individual is lying, based on his heart rate, however this isn’t reliable, even if used effectively. What’s important to note about polygraphs, is that it is assumed that the individual being tested will be under more stress if lying.


Food for thought: a pathological liar wouldn’t necessarily feel much stress when actually lying.

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