10 Ways to Beat the Heat This Summer

10 Ways to Beat the Heat This Summer


Its hot outside, we all know it. The best and worst parts about summer is that its hot. We wait all year for it, but when it finally arrives we always find a way to say, “ITS TOO HOT.”

To fight your summer battle with the heat, both indoors and out, take a look at this practical list which will show you the best ways to beat the heat.

Eat Spicy Food

The first way on our list is a bit less traditional in thought, but makes total sense. Have you ever wondered why people in hot countries eat spicy foods? Well research has shown that by eating spicy foods we sweat at a micro level that releases just enough body moisture which is then cooled down on our skin, therefore cooling us down. So if you are out for lunch in the middle of the day, opt for the vindaloo or the Mexican chilli tacos to keep you cool.


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