10 of the Most Shocking Hollywood Scandals

10 of the Most Shocking Hollywood Scandals


Hollywood may seem like a fairytale town but it is far from perfect. Known as a hub for the American movie industry and home to many of its stars, Hollywood has had its share of shocking scandals which have only been amplified by the amount of media attention. Here are 10 scandals which you may know and some shocking ones which you may not have heard of.

Rob Lowe

This heartthrob actor hit a low in 1988 when he was filmed having sex with two women, aged 22 and 16, who he met at a nightclub. Because 16 is the legal age in Georgia, it wasn’t regarded as sex with an underage girl but the adventure took place the night before Lowe campaigned for then Democratic Party candidate, Michael Dukakis. Lowe and a friend of his were also filmed having oral sex with a young model, also legal. These incidents tarnished his reputation although his career recovered soon after he took the opportunity to mock his past behavior when he hosted Saturday Night Live on two occasions.


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