10 Bizarre Phobias That Will Bankrupt You

10 Bizarre Phobias That Will Bankrupt You


Fear and anxiety are normal and common aspects of the human conditions. Anxiety in and of itself (when it’s not extreme), helps us get things done, gives us motivation, and makes us aware of our environments at any given moment. However, when someone has a phobia of some kind, it can be debilitating, and this list of 10 bizarre phobias can show you just how far-fetched the human mind can get when it comes to fear.


Fear of the color yellow. Bananas, daisies, cheeses, lemons, and even THE SUN are all yellow.


Xanthophobia also implies that even hearing the phrase “yellow”, might trigger a serious anxiety attack to a xanthophobe, but this usually doesn’t occur unless the individual has a very aggressive form of this phobia.

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