7 Deadly Terrorist Organizations

7 Deadly Terrorist Organizations


The threat of terrorism has been around in many parts of the world for generations. In fact, the concept of terrorism dates back to the late eighteenth century following the Reign of Terror in France. Since then, a number of terrorist organizations have existed with the intention of not only killing others but also instilling a sense of politically or ideologically-motivated fear. Today there are a number of dangerous and hostile terrorist organizations that originate from different parts of the world. These include many organizations that have spread to cover many bases well outside where they originated from.

Islamic State of Iraq and Syria

Regardless of what people call it, the Islamic State of Iraq and its surrounding regions, particularly Syria, has quickly become a critical threat to many Western countries. Formerly known as a part of al-Qaeda in Iraq, the organization formed in 1999 as a group devoted to waging a holy war, or jihad, on those outside the Muslim faith. It recently declared a new caliphate and called on Muslims to migrate and join its jihad against its enemies. The organization engaged in many suicide attacks during the Iraqi insurgency that came after the American invasion of the country in 2003. The total membership within the group has expanded to include more than 80,000 fighters within Iraq and Syria. The organization has engaged in many acts of terror against civilians and have even engaged in some acts of sexual violence. The assorted videos of Islamic State members beheading captives have especially created a sense of concern.


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