10 Of The Most Ridiculous Laws In The World

10 Of The Most Ridiculous Laws In The World


Laws are what are intended to create order within a society. However, there are some places on earth where it is hard to understand what kind of order is trying to be achieved based on some pretty ridiculous laws. While some of them are not enforced anymore, and likely had a specific purpose some time ago, it’s still worth noting that there are some pretty bizarre laws worldwide. Here are 10 of the most ridiculous laws in the world:


It is legal to arrest anyone suspected of having HIV and to force HIV testing to publicize it. It’s not enough that people who are HIV positive have a stigma attached to them, and have a metaphorical “DON’T COME NEAR ME” sign tattooed to their foreheads.


The aspect of promoting awareness and encouraging people to get tested is excellent. However, humiliating those who were unfortunate enough to contract the disease is just plain cruel.

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