10 Amazing Bikes To Upgrade Your Commute


Not all of us drive to work. Some of us take the bus, carpool, and then there are some of us who like to bike to work. Now, for those who bike as means to commute, it’s no easy task. It can be risky in that your bike can break at any time, or get a flat tire. You also are more physically vulnerable with nothing to protect you from the outside. That’s why we made a list of 10 amazing bikes to upgrade your commute:

Hoy Shizuoka City Bike

The Hoy Shizuoka City Bike comes with hydraulic disc brakes, 10 gears to choose from (more if you want to choose another similar Shizuoka model), mudguards, as well as a rack- all important features if you’re looking into a good commuting bike.


It only weighs 10.5 kg, so it’s light and great to take with you on the go up to the office, and it’ll also be ideal for weekend riding, as it can endure long roads, as well as short ones.

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