8 of the Best Zoo Animal Escapes Ever

8 of the Best Zoo Animal Escapes Ever


Most of us love going to the zoo. I mean, how can you not appreciate seeing a super-rare monkey, or watch the tigers and lions groom each other? One might also probably wonder how animals feel about being held captive, even in the best of conditions. Well, hold that thought, because below are 8 of the best zoo animal escapes…ever:

Red Panda Runs Loose

Recently, a red panda named Rusty became a social media phenomenon after escaping his exhibit at the National Zoo in Washington D.C.

This lead to an extensive red panda-hunt through the streets of the nation’s capital, and alerted the public to keep an eye out for the animal through both Facebook and Twitter. He was found in about an hour, and it is still unknown as to how he escaped in the first place.



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