12 Of The Most Fabulous Cat Breeds

12 Of The Most Fabulous Cat Breeds


Cats are fascinating creatures. Clearly the ancient Egyptians understood just how majestic they are, as they used to worship them. Cats can fall from a few stories, and still land on their feet upon the fall. Plus, nowadays, so much of the media is based on funny cat videos, and most people seem to be enjoying their hilarious antics, in addition to their soft fur and irresistible purring. So, just in case you didn’t know about them before, here are 10 of the most fabulous cat breeds:


The Abyssinian is a shorthaired breed, with a “ticked” tabby coat, of a burnt orange shade. Recent research suggests that its origins began in Egypt. However, the breed as it is known today was developed in Great Britain. Abyssinian kittens are usually born with a dark coat that becomes gradually lighter as they get older.


This breed is known to be playful and extroverted, and if not given enough attention can potentially develop depression. Therefore, owners are obligated to make sure that they have the proper, stimulating environment in which they can play.

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